Frequently asked questions about lucite (perspex) cane ordering.
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Lucite Walking Cane FAQ's
(clearcanes asks)
Is it a mistake, to brag about low prices and fast service?
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No longer selling International canes

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Canada     53
Singapore  8
UK            119
Ireland      2 Australia    17
Japan        5
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Mexico       3
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Orthopedic Grip
Grip must be requested.
One free per cane.
(Only black is available)
include:    quantity
                 shipping address
                 email address
twist cane softness
Automatic flat rate  USA shipping is $16

No Non USA shipping  is $

What type of payment is accepted?

Order online with any major credit card,
(Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover)
or mail a check or money order  to:

Acrylic Fabrication
1056 NE 44 Place
Fort Lauderdale, Fl. 33334

Phone number?
954 564 9913  I will be glad to answer any questions you may have.  But I want to say that I can not take credit card orders over the phone.
Use "add to cart" and then "view cart" buttons for credit card purchases.
You don't need to set up an online account any more, that's optional.

What cane heights are available to order?
36" high will be shipped unless a special height is requested.  Up to 40" is no extra charge. Leave the height details at the paypal "instructions to seller" field.
It is
near the end of the checkout process. Or just email me the special cane height, at time of purchase.

How do I determine what cane height to order?

Approximate cane height can be determined by measuring distance from wrist to floor, when standing with arms at your side.  More details are on
cane size page.
Another way to estimate the correct cane height is by the user's height.

Order a 38 inch cane if you are 6'4" to 6'7"
Order a 37 inch cane if you are 6'0" to 6'3"
Order a 36 inch cane if you are 5'8" to 5'11"
Order a 35 inch cane if you are 5'4" to 5'7"
Order a 34 inch cane if you are 5'0" to 5'3"
Order a 33 inch cane if you are 4'8" to 4'11"

Can I have the cane shipped to an address other than the
paypal address? 
Sure,  just type a note with paypal order
and/or send a separate email, at time of payment.

Sales tax?     Sales tax -- 6% (florida residents only)

What color are your rubber cane tips?
Black  will be sent by default, unless a white  tip is requested.
Grips are only available in black.

How are lucite canes trimmed to shorten them?
A hacksaw may be used, but it is a harder material than wood, and it takes quite a few strokes.  If you are confident you know your cane size, leave height info during the paypal process.

How long after payment will I receive my cane?
Canes are in stock, and sent USPS Priority Mail.   Expect delivery no more than 10 days  after payment.  Most of the time, you will receive your order within 7 days. Please email or call, if you have not recieved your order after 14 days. Call 954 564 9913 for express mail or overnight shipments.   Non US shipments take up to 3 weeks, but average about 10 days.

Are these plexiglass canes sturdy enough for everyday use as a walking cane, or are they just for looks?
Most customers use them as light duty walking canes. These 1" canes are the thickest material that is practical, without making the cane too heavy.  Hundreds of canes sold, and  a few returned as broken, so they are not unbreakable. The twisted is slightly less rigid than the round rod, and the petg tube cane is not a medical device, but mainly a fashion accessory.  1.25" offset and martial arts cane are very stout, and suitable for big people.
(also see next question)
Weight limit of cane user?
160 lbs -- twisted cane
180 lbs --1 inch round rod, clear and color.
220 lbs  --defence cane and 1.25 offset.
140 lbs. -- 7/8" cane
PETG tube cane is not weight bearing.
Light stability use can be suitable for bigger persons.
(these are approximate guidelines for practical use)

Are your twisted canes
sharp or uncomfortable to the hand? 
Clearcanes uses a source of square twisted rod stock that is thicker, and has more rounded corners. If you are concerned about this, request one of the 4.75" long black foam rubber grips when placing the order.  These are offered at no extra charge, but must be requested.  Leave the rubber grip request with paypal optional instructions, or add rubber grip to cart for 1 cent with this button.

Wholesale Prices?

$100+ orders have automatic free shipping.
$200+ orders have an additional $4 per cane discount and free shipping.  (refund)
$500+ orders have an additional $5 per cane discount and free shipping.  (refund)

Return Policy? -- Shipping Insurance?

I will be responsible for  items lost or damaged during shipping.  Returns accepted only if wrong item was shipped, and you call first. 
(954) 564-9913.
Status of my order?
Delivery confirmation is available online at
Track and Confirm
A "Click-N-Ship Payment Confirmation" email, sent to you, has the tracking # to enter.  Priority MailŪ does not include tracking of the package enroute, like Express MailŪ or UPS,  just delivery confirmation. so, is not very useful.
international shipping
print form
optional printable
mail payment form
tips and grips

One rubber tip
is included with cane purchase.
rubber walking cane grips
replacement cane tips white
replacement black cane tips

3 black 1"
cane tips $5

3 white 1"
cane tips $5

2 rubber grips $7
color twist cane
flat handle cane
high performance walking cane
empty clear tube cane
light weight cane
mail payment form
ebay about me
instructions to seller
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Special Cane Height
Special  Cane
Height only 1 cent
use payment process form, or
email me at time of purchase, or
use this button at time of purchase
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