Empty tube fashion cane for your own custom inserts.
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Not a medical device, these canes are a fashion accessory. Even though they are made from durable PETG copolymer, they are not weight bearing. That said, they are a comparatively inexpensive way to purchase a tube cane, since they are empty.  Other well established sites have a selection of inserts, but the cane cost is about twice.

Both ends are accessible, bottom tip or upper cap.  A 36" cane will ship inless a different height is requested. 
(up to 40")   The outside diameter is 1".  The inside diameter is 3/4".  If you send of picture of your customized tube cane from clearcanes, I will refund $10.   (for use on this site)
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a penny will fit in tube cane
tube cane
12 ounces
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