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clear and twisted  Lucite cane
translucent color walking canes
twisted cane
thick clear walking cane
1.25" clear
with an
2 lbs.
something different good for big people
Serious savings on fun canes.

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1.5 lbs.
1.5 lbs.
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walking canes
cane colors
defense cane
red      blue      purple     green   yellow   fluorescent   fluorescent red  fluorescent blue   white   black
1" color
Acrylic walking canes
Twist the perception of disability.
Leave special height  information in the paypal "Instructions to Seller" field.
Clear PETG empty tube, fashion cane 1"
Insert and interchange your own inspired contents. Use shells, ribbons, glitter, golf tees, marbles, flowers, etc.         
3/4" inside dimension Very durable, but less rigid, light duty cane. Stronger than acrylic tube for this purpose.
36" high with rubber tip.    Industry standard fashion and function.
Acrylic Walking Canes
1" clear round Lucite cane $59
1" clear twist Lucite cane $59
1.1 lbs.
ladies walking canes
clear canes
lightweight ladies cane
7/8" Ladies Walking Cane
exclusive color twisted cane is now  available.  $59
1.1 lbs.
fashion tube cane
Clear, lightweight cane, suitable only for small people.
Not as rigid
as standard 1" cane.
12 ounces
This cane is
not weight bearing.  (hollow core)
high tech cane
1.3 lbs.
Premium textured rubber handle cane,
on your choice of clear or transparent color lucite rod.
clear microphone stand
Solid *transparent color, not painted or dyed. ( *except black and white.)
source direct and save.  Made in the USA
select color
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color twist cane
color  walking cane
exclusive diameter                                                                        exclusive handle
new color twist canes
high tech cane
clear hollow tube cane
cane weight comparison
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mans walking canes
plastics blog
1.5 lbs.
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